4th of July Sale

Quit borrowing your neighbor's hunk of junk—it's time you became a sovereign ladder user.

17.76% Off Select Items!

Declare your independence . . . from the ground. While supplies last, get a variety of Little Giant products at a country-founding discount. Act fast before they're gone!


King Kombo 2.0

6' | Industrial | Fiberglass


M17 | Type IA 300lb rated

Sure Step + Plank Bundle

The Plank feels right at home on two Sure Steps. Give yourself some portable scaffolding for your next summer paint project.

17.76 % off 2 sure step step ladders and 8 foot standard plank


For First- and Second-Term Presidents

Founding a business is a lot like founding a country: it takes hard work, good people, and lots of equipment. Let us help you with the last one.

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1776 Founding Bundle | King Kombo 6 foot Industrial Fibergalss ladder | 4 Sure Step stepladders | 2 8 foot planks | 17' Skyscraper ladder for $1,776