Announcing the Ladder that Will Change Everything

The day has arrived! Today we officially announced the ladder that killed the traditional stepladder. Introducing the King Kombo! The King Kombo is constructed of nonconductive, high-strength, lightweight fiberglass and is a fully articulating combination ladder—the only one of its kind. Even though it is cost-competitive with an ordinary stepladder, the King Kombo works as a 375 lb-rated stepladder, a wide-base extension ladder, and a lean-to ladder, that also serves as an attic-access ladder and a lightweight, versatile framing ladder. Its straight side allows operators to access tight workspaces between wall studs or ceiling trusses and roof or attic access ports. The King Kombo meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI Type IAA 375-lbs standards for combination, extension and A-frame stepladders. See the King Kombo for yourself; stop by booth #1635 at the National Safety Congress & Expo this week and follow @thekingkombo on Twitter!

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