Be Careful Around Power Lines

Sumo3-24-Climb1This last summer in New Jersey, one man was electrocuted and another man was injured when they came in contact with some power lines. The two men were working on a roofing job. They were in the process of moving their ladder when it came in touch with the power line, shocking them both. One man passed away and the other suffered injuries. This story is so tragic. The worst part is that this accident could have been prevented. First, even though fiberglass ladders are heavier and often cost more than aluminum ladders, they are the better option if you work in any industry with even a chance of coming into contact with electricity. Fiberglass ladders do not conduct electricity. In the case of this accident, based on the details we have, the accident would not have happened since the electricity would not have transferred from the ladder to the worker. Second, always be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for power lines or anything else that could cause issues with your ladder. If you need, have another person help you move the ladder and/or be a spotter to help look out for dangers. These news stories are always so sad, especially when they could have been prevented like this one. Our hearts go out to the families, friends and coworkers of these men.