Benefits of a Platform Stepladder

In the industrial world, we talk a lot about the stereotypical, heavy-duty, industrial ladders. You know the kind, the extension ladders, multi-position ladders, cages and the many variations found in these categories. Today, let's talk about the unsung hero, the platform stepladder.

For many, the platform stepladder is a new concept. Those who are familiar with this ladder-type know how useful it is.

What Makes This Tool So Great?

  • Super Lightweight: Easily carry the ladder one-handed across the job site or the home. 
  • Slim Storage Profile: Streamlined for storage.
  • Easy Setup: Set up or take down the ladder with only one hand.
  • Non-Conductive Fiberglass: These stepladders are available in fiberglass, making it a great choice for electricians.
  • Comfortable Standing Platform: The platform helps you get close to your job while limiting the foot fatigue that can happen when standing on narrow rungs for hours on end.


Little Giant Ladders® has a wide variety of platform ladders, including:


One of our most popular platform stepladders right now is the MightyLite. It's made with the same lightweight fiberglass as the HyperLite® extension ladders, making it almost as lightweight as an aluminum option. The top cap allows for convenient tool placement, making it great for anyone who needs their hands free. Some models of the MightyLite feature Little Giant's Ground Cue®, which helps users know when they have reached the bottom rung.


The Xtra-Lite+ is the MightyLite's aluminum counterpart. It is made with aircraft aluminum and features an innovative top cap that is similar to the one on the MightyLite and also has a flip-up handrail for a bit of extra security while standing on the ladder.


Like many of the best things in life, the Flip-N-Lite is simple. Made with aircraft aluminum, it is as sturdy as Little Giant's other stepladders and is ultra-lightweight. With a basic top cap, you can keep items close as you work.

Whether you are a pro, a weekend warrior or just a casual ladder user, one of Little Giant's platform ladders can help you get stuff done like a true professional.