Change the Way You Approach Fall Projects

Change the Way You Approach Fall Projects

Simplify Your Fall Tasks With the Right Ladder

If you’ve been following Little Giant Ladders online, you’ve likely seen our King Kombo ladder, and have seen what a difference it has made in the lives of our customers. We are constantly innovating ladder technology to help professionals determinedly tackle any project set before them, and the King Kombo is no exception. This ladder is the perfect blend of ingenuity and practicality, giving you a revolutionary 3-in-1 all-access ladder with a stepladder, extension ladder and leaning ladder, all in one.

What Makes This Ladder Great?

The specs on this ladder are amazing, but what really makes a difference is everything you can do with it. This will be the ladder that will take you through every project in the coming years. Use it this fall for all of your indoor and outdoor tasks. Whether you are trimming the trees, patching a roof, cleaning a rain gutter or setting up autumn decorations, it is up to the task. With the rotating non-marring wall pad, you can work on inside corners, outside corners or straight edges of your house without worrying about damaging siding or stucco.

With fall being a time of holiday preparations and decorations, many families find themselves on ladders more than ever. With the right equipment, both you and your loved ones will feel more comfortable about using ladders while decorating. Plus, with our revolutionary Ground Cue® technology, you will feel safer about descending the ladder with your arms full, because you will hear an audible click when you have reached the bottom rung.

Whether you are at home, on the job or on the go, the King Kombo is the versatile ladder that you will always want to bring with you. Would you like to learn more about this revolutionary tool? Check out the King Kombo at a retailer near you!

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