Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - The Jumbo Step & MightyLite

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - The Jumbo Step & MightyLite

Holiday Gift Guide

Top Gift Idea for the Homeowner or Renter

What is a gift that every homeowner or renter needs? Now, there may be several things that come to mind with that question, but for this particular 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, Little Giant Ladders® has something special in mind.


There typically are some distinct differences between the size of projects in a house versus a rental, which affects your climbing needs. Still, whether you are a renter or a homeowner, there always are things in your home that are out of reach, which is why for this holiday gift guide, we are sharing the best stepladder and stepstool for homeowners and renters alike. If you know someone who could use an extra boost to access those out-of-reach items, we have the perfect gift ideas. For anyone who needs a little extra height, we recommend the Little Giant Jumbo Step™ stool or MightyLite™ stepladder.

 LG Holiday Gift Guide

Who Needs These Ladders?

Really, anyone can benefit from a Jumbo Step or MightyLite. These climbing tools are perfect for anyone who has got stuff to do and needs an efficient way to do it. Get it for mom or dad. Gift the ladder to your kid who recently got their own apartment. Buy it for the brand-new homeowner in your family. Gift it to grandma or grandpa. Purchase it for the outdoorsy person who is constantly climbing in and out of truck beds. This is the kind of climbing tool that helps everyone work smarter and safer. But what is it about a Jumbo Step or MightyLite that makes it the perfect gift?

Jumbo Step Gift Guide

The Jumbo Step

Lightweight, sturdy and comfortable, the Jumbo Step is the perfect step stool for anyone who has stuff to get done. It is available in 2-step, 3-step and 4-step models and is made from durable aircraft aluminum with an ANSI Type IAA rating to hold 375 lbs.


But one of the best features of the Jumbo Step lies in its staircase design. Unlike most stepstools and stepladders that have small, sometimes uncomfortable steps, the Jumbo Step has extra-wide comfort steps in a staircase design. Going up and down the Jumbo Step feels like walking up and down the stairs, rather than a stepladder. Anyone who doesn’t like working at heights or standing on a ladder will love this step stool.


Plus, the Jumbo Step has a safety handrail with an integrated tool tray and smartphone holder. Easily keep tools at hand while watching a tutorial video on YouTube. It’s the perfect gift.

 MightyLite Gift Guide


The MightyLite is a comfortable, easy-to-use fiberglass stepladder. If you are gifting a ladder to someone who needs a bit more height than a step stool can offer, the MightyLite is a great gift idea! Available in 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ models with options as a Type IA ladder to hold 300 lbs. and a Type IAA ladder to hold 375 lbs., this ladder is sturdy yet lightweight enough to be carried one-handed. Even at its largest size or 8-feet, the MightyLite rings in at less than 25 lbs. This ladder is rugged enough for professional use but is light and easy enough to use that even a novice ladder user would love it.


The feature that sets the MightyLite apart from other stepladders is its comfortable standing platform. Safely stand on the platform step with both feet firmly planted. No aching feet and no wobbling. Plus, the safety handrail keeps you from losing balance and also serves as an integrated tool holder.


Use it to reach high kitchen or pantry shelves. Change lightbulbs or smoke detector batteries. Reach tools in the garage or shed. Deck the halls for the holidays. Whatever the project is, the MightyLite can help you do it!


Where to Buy the MightyLite or Jumbo Step

Both the MightyLite and Jumbo Step are perfect for the homeowner or the renter. Everyone is short on space in their homes and apartments, but these ladders take up virtually no space. Both are lightweight, with a slim storage profile, meaning it won’t take up precious storage space. Keep it in the kitchen, a closet or even the garage.


So, whether it’s for your spouse, parents, kids, neighbors or coworkers, the MightyLite and Jumbo Step from Little Giant will make the perfect gift for the holiday season. If you’re ready to check off the holiday list, these climbing tools are available at Lowe’s or on Amazon. Want to learn more? Check out the MightyLite and Jumbo Step on Little Giant’s website.

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