Tips For Cleaning Out Your Rain Gutters This Fall

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Rain Gutters This Fall

It’s the time of year when the air gets crisp, leaves begin to fall and projects move indoors. But before you retreat indoors from the cold weather, you need to tend to some of those outdoor fall projects. Namely, cleaning out your rain gutters.

It may not be a glamorous task, but someone has to do it. You’re a strong, independent go-getter, so it may as well be you. After all, why hire someone to do a task that you could very easily do yourself? We at Little Giant® know that not everyone is a seasoned professional with the gutters, so we thought it would be a good idea to review some of our top tips to clean your rain gutters this fall.

Getting Started

As with most projects, getting started is the hardest part. With the right tools, your prep and execution of the project will be a breeze.

What You Need

  • A Sturdy Ladder 
    • You need a ladder that can reliably get you to your roofline. Although there are many ladders on the market, not all are up to the task. Our current favorite is the Little Giant King Kombo™. It is a multi-position ladder that is perfectly suited for work at the roofline. With its non-marring rotating wall pad, you can set the ladder up on the edge of your house without fear of damaging the gutter, downspout, siding or stucco.
  • Gloves
    • A pair of durable leather gloves is preferred to protect your hands while removing debris from the gutter.
  • Trowel or Scoop
    • Muck in the gutter isn’t always loose. If you have heavily compacted debris, a trowel will be great to scoop it free.
  • Hose
    • After cleaning, a hose will help you clear out any remnant dirt, eliminating clogs.

How To Clean Your Gutter

Cleaning your gutter doesn't have to be a challenge. Follow these tips for a fast, simple cleaning process:

  • Climb Your Ladder.
  • Remove Large Debris by Hand.
  • Use a Trowel or Scoop to Remove Heavily Compacted Debris from the Gutter.
  • Remove and Clean Downspout Strainers.
  • Wash Gutter with a Hose, Spraying Water Toward the Downspout.
  • Clear Clogs Out of Downspout by Feeding Hose up the Spout.
  • If You Have Any Leaks, Take Care of It Now, by Using Gutter Caulk.
  • Consider Adding a Gutter Screen to Keep Gutter Clean for Future Use.

    Avoid the Rookie Mistakes

    Remember as you get started, that you are going to be working up high. Make safe choices on your ladder. Start by working on a level surface. Maintain three points of contact and avoid overreaching. When you have hit your maximum reach, descend your ladder, reset and climb again.

    Clean your gutter while standing on your ladder. Don’t try cleaning the gutter while perched on your roof. Working while sitting or lying on your roof is an accident waiting to happen.

    These safety tips may seem like common sense, but thousands of injuries happen every day, and we all need a reminder sometimes.

    A Project with Less Than 10 Steps

    That’s all there is to it. It’s not complicated, and after cleaning your gutter once, you will be a pro. Plus, by maintaining your rain gutter, you will improve the longevity of your gutters, avoiding costly repairs.

    What other tasks do you need to complete this season? Tell us all about it in the comments! Have a great week!

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