Climbing Your Ladder

Part of ladder safety is taking precautions before you climb.Another part of ladder safety is what you do while on the ladder. The second part of ladder safety is what we will be focusing on today. Stay Between the Rails Always face forward when on the ladder. Never turn to the side or look backwards while on the ladder. Following the “belt buckle rule” and keeping your body in between the ladder’s side rails will help you work safer. Three Points of Contact Maintain three points of contact while on your ladder. Three points of contact means having two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet touching with the ladder at all times. Use a Tool Belt One way to help you maintain three points of contact is to use a tool belt to hold your tools while you climb up and down the ladder. Don't stand on the Top Rung or Top Step Never stand on the top rung or top cap of your stepladder. The top of the ladder isn't designed to stand on, and the ladder can tip more easily if you choose to climb on the top of it. To add to that, if you're on the top of the ladder, you have nothing to catch your balance if you start tipping. Use these tips to help you climb safer on the ladder.

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