Common Ladder Issues & the Solutions

HyperLiteSumo M24 Carry4 I have written a little bit about the HyperLite in previous posts, but I wanted talk about some of the common ladder-related injuries and how to prevent them. The most common injury from using ladders is "strains and sprains" from carrying and lifting heavy ladders. Workers pick up, move, set-up and take down ladders all day.  After lifting these ladders for over and over again, the workers are prone to injury because our joints and muscles can handle only so much. A lighter extension ladder can help prevent these common injuries. Another common risk is when people can't see the ladder. There are reports of people walking or even driving into ladders, injuring themselves and whoever is on the ladder. Hi-Viz-green, the  most recognizable color to the human eye, can help prevent these accidents when used for a ladder's color. Some of the most catastrophic falls happen when a worker leans while on an extension ladder. Workers should never lean, and ladders with a wider base can also help prevent these types of accidents.