Construction Worker Safety Tips

King Kombo Industrial LadderThe facts speak for themselves. Falls from height are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. One of the best ways to prevent these accidents is by providing training on how to be safer on the job. Here are a few on-the-job tips that can help you prevent a workplace fall.
  1. Choose the right ladder:  Choose a ladder that is tall enough for the job at hand and is made from the right material. If you will be working near any electrical components, choose a fiberglass ladder. You also want to have the right type of ladder. Sometimes a regular stepladder will do the job. Other times, you need an extension ladder. Workers often find that adjustable ladders are convenient since they can be used as a stepladder or extension ladder. There is also a new ladder out there, the 3-in-1 ladder. It is lightweight and can be a leaning ladder, stepladder or extension ladder.  other times an extension ladder is needed. You also want a ladder with the correct weight rating for you and all your materials.
  2. Use the Equipment Correctly: Follow the belt buckle rule and keep your body between the rails.  Never stand on the top rung or top cap. Maintain three points of contact when climbing the ladder. These are some of the basic tips we talk about regularly, but they are still important.
  3. Take the Correct Precautions: Aways choose quality equipment. Also, always inspect your ladder before you use it. Never take unnecessary risks. If a risk is necessary, proceed with extra caution and find ways to minimize the risk.
  4. Choose Safety: On the Little Giant Facebook and Twitter, we often post ladder fail images. Unfortunately, some of the comments recognize the danger and risk, but make excuses. Commenters say things like "It doesn't matter as long as the job gets done" or "That's money right there, the object is to get it done by all means necessary real Construction, play no games." If getting the job done quickly is considered more important than getting the job done safely, it will be challenging to make any progress in the industry. Contractors need to find a balance between getting the job done quickly and getting it done safely.
The change has to start with contractors and subcontractors. If construction companies followed these four tips, the numbers would decrease.