DIYers and Ladder Accidents

DIYers and Ladder Accidents


Although ladder-related accidents have been on the rise for years, only recently have they begun to receive media attention. These injuries from ladder use have increased so much that in England, many safety organizations have started growing their safety warnings to tradespeople and DIYers alike. With more and more people engaging in at-home renovations, DIYers find themselves at an increased risk of ladder-related injury.

Do-it-Yourself Projects and Risks

So, what is so risky for DIYers? There are a few factors at play. The first is speed. Often, those who are doing a do-it-yourself project are in a hurry. Rushing to get something done, especially when you don't frequently use a piece of dangerous equipment, can be hazardous.

The second aspect is a decreased awareness and enforcement of safety precautions. On a job site, workers are constantly thinking about safety. There is always someone on-site enforcing OSHA guidelines while on the job. In fact, on most job sites, workers are faced with the reality that if they don't follow the safety parameters, they can get fined. But at a person's house, there is no one (aside from perhaps a friend, family member or neighbor) to make safety a priority, and those people around them won't be fining the DIYer for not following safety rules.

What to Do

So, if you like to do projects around your house, here are a few reminders:
  1. Don't put your efforts to get the project done ahead of your safety.
  2. Never lean while on the ladder.
  3. Use the right ladder for the job.
  4. Always maintain three points of contact when climbing the ladder.
  5. On stepladders, don't stand on the top rung or top cap. On extension ladders, make sure the ladder extends three feet (or three rungs) past the roofline.

If you have projects around the house you are working on completing, follow these tips so you can get your work done without having to make a stop at the ER. To learn more about ladder safety- for pros and DIYers alike, we recommend checking out Little Giant Ladders' safety page. We share tips, stories and tutorials often, so you can learn more about your ladder and how to work safer. See you there!

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