Farmers and Ladder Safety

17452-a-farmer-harvesting-apples-in-an-orchard-in-california-pvI was doing some reading when I ran across an article about ladder safety for farmers. "Farmers don't use ladders," you say? Ladders don't get used much for planting or harvesting crops (unless the farmer has an orchard), but farmers also have other important work. Farmers have important maintenance work, often requiring ladders. The article I ran across was actually an academic paper in Horticulture Week. According to the article, the Health and Safety Executive, basically the OSHA Great Britain, is encouraging farmers to take precautions while performing building maintenance to prevent ladder accidents. In fact,the organization is taking it so seriously that it is including ladder use in its next batch of inspections. So, how can these accidents be prevented? Here are a couple tips for farmers:
  1. Maintain three points of contact
  2. Keep your body between the rails
  3. Set the ladder on firm, level ground
  4. Make sure the ladder (and feet!) are in good condition before using
The tips may seem familiar, but, the truth is, they apply to anyone climbing a ladder. Be safe on your ladder and prevent an accident from happening.