Get Your Ladder at the Correct Angle

HyperLite M24 Climb7.1One of the most important steps when setting up an extension ladder is making sure the ladder is at the correct angle. When an extension ladder is being used, it should be at a 75.5 degree angle. A couple of tools have been created to help the user find the correct angle. The NIOSH App NIOSH created an app with great ladder safety tips. The app includes information on how to do a thorough ladder inspection. It also has a way to check the ladder's angle. You open the app and set your phone an the ladder rung. The app then tells you if you need to have your ladder less or more steep. Bubble Indicators Some ladders, including the HyperLite, have bubble indicators that show the operator when the ladder is level. These indicators help the operator know if the ladder needs to be made more or less steep. The 4-to-1 Rule If you don't access to a ladder with bubble indicators or the NIOSH app, the next best thing is to think of the 4-to-1 rule  for ladder safety.  For every four feet of ladder height you are climbing, move the base of the ladder one foot from the wall. These tips will help you climb safely when using an extension ladder so you can complete your job and not become a statistic.