Getting the Job Done with Teamwork and Resilience

Getting the Job Done with Teamwork and Resilience

Signature Experiences Require Significant Work

Director of Signature Experiences at Thanksgiving Point, Austin Brown, is consistently busy preparing the venue for various events. He helps arrange over 50 events at the venue of gardens, museums and farms in Lehi, Utah. The events range from small museum events to big festivals throughout the gardens, and Austin’s team does a lot of planning for the upcoming festivities, helping to ensure that each visitor has a memorable experience.

Upon asking about working with the Thanksgiving Point team, he said, “I have always been fascinated by working with the public and guests, providing great experiences. When I saw an opportunity to work here, I saw a way to see that through.”

“When we build a new experience, there is an anxiousness that comes when you put in a lot of work and time, and you aren’t sure if the guests are going to have a good time or not.”

In order to properly prepare for any given event, Austin relies on his team to successfully cultivate the high-caliber experiences that visitors expect and deserve. “We are a total team. We have a team culture geared at helping each other with everything.”

Having the Right Tools Makes a Difference

When working at a large-scale venue like Thanksgiving Point, having the right tools makes a huge difference in the outcome of day-to-day projects. If Austin’s team doesn’t have reliable tools, they lose time efficiency, a precious commodity in such a fast-paced environment.

“The tools we use include Little Giant Ladders and a variety of other tools. We rely on anything that can be used to safely hang signage. We do whatever we can to transform the venues into full experiences.”

“We use Little Giant Ladders to wrap trees and to hang Christmas décor. I see the staff using them all the time. I use them. The team loves the lightweight use of it. They like that they can move it from tree to tree with ease.”

With such a large team, it is important that everyone feels stable while working at a height, and Austin is proud to say that his team trusts Little Giant to get the job done safely.

It’s All About the Families

Austin and his team are dedicated to the families that come to Thanksgiving Point. A family man himself, he loves working in a family-friendly environment that he feels comfortable bringing his wife and two kids to.

“I love seeing families that come here. While they are here, I hear them talking about how much fun they are having and that they want to tell their friends and family to come see it too; and that is really rewarding to me.”

A Hard Day’s Work and Continued Job Satisfaction

There is something to be said about putting in hard work and seeing awesome results. After spending time at Thanksgiving Point, with the amazing people who make things happen, we have been able to see firsthand, the joy that comes from a hard day’s work. Little Giant would like to thank Austin Brown, Director of Signature Experiences, for letting us stop by to learn a bit more about his experiences as a professional in the field.

So, tell us, are you a professional who is out there getting stuff done? Tell us about it! We would love to hear how you use Little Giant Ladders to get stuff done.

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