Great Sources for Ladder Safety

OH&S Jan 2014Are you looking for some sources for ladder safety tips? There are a number of great resources. If you are planning a ladder safety training or just want to learn for yourself, here are some ideas on ladder safety training. American Ladder Institute The American Ladder Institute is a great resource for ladder safety information. On the website, the ALI has training information, quizzes to see how well you learned the training and other information about ladder safety and the ladder industry. #LadderSafetyMonth During March every month, companies and organizations share ladder safety information using the hashtag #LadderSafetyMonth. The information includes ladder safety tips and reminders, videos and pictures and articles about ladder safety and preventing ladder accidents. Little Giant Ladders Little Giant Ladders has a blog on its corporate website. In addition to company updates, the blog shares ladder safety reminders. Like Ladder Safety Hub, sometimes Little Giant Ladders talks about ladder accidents and how they could have been prevented. OH&S Magazine OH&S Magazine is a magazine that talks about health and safety at work. They cover a range of topics, including environmental protection, hearing protection and ladder safety/fall protection. Industrial Hygiene News Industrial Hygiene News is another publication that shares workplace safety information. Like OH&S, they feature a range of topics, one of them being ladder safety. Contractor Supply Magazine Contractor Supply is a magazine focused on tips for businesses that supply contractors with materials and other business needs. Contractor Supply features new products and safety information. These are just a few of the places we like to get our safety information from. This list just brushes the surface as a good place to start for ladder safety tips. Where are your favorite resources for ladder safety?