Happy Veterans Day!

Another Veterans Day is upon us and it's the perfect time to honor and celebrate the brave men and women who have served our country. Whether you are a veteran yourself or maybe you’re looking to undertake a project in their honor, having the right tools is essential. Little Giant Ladders offers a range of high-quality ladders, including the Fortress, the Sentinel, and the Sure Step, that are perfect for you and the veterans in your life. Let's check out these versatile, dependable ladders and their features.


The Fortress is a rugged ladder designed to withstand demanding tasks. Made of non-conductive fiberglass, it ensures safety when working around electrical equipment. With a weight capacity of 375 lbs and a wide range of sizes available, including 10 ft and 12 ft, this ladder can handle various projects. The Fortress also features rail locks that keep the ladder stable and secure, providing confidence while working at heights. The Sentinel is a ladder that combines the functionality of an A-frame and a leaning ladder. Its unique design makes it a versatile tool for any project. The extra-wide comfort steps and a top rung set at 6.25" ensure maximum foot comfort during extended use.


The Sentinel also includes a Ground Cue feature that alerts you when you've reached the bottom step safely. Its rotating wall pad allows for easy setup on corners and walls, making it perfect for projects that require precise positioning.


For lighter tasks, the Little Giant Sure Step ladder is an excellent choice. It provides stability and durability, making it ideal for everyday household projects. Although it doesn't have the same weight capacity as the Fortress or the Sentinel, it is a cost-effective and reliable option. The Sure Step is lightweight and easy to maneuver, ensuring convenience while working on projects. If you think it’s cheesy or in poor taste to tie a sale into an important holiday like Veterans Day…you might be right. But we believe that you can take advantage of these deals while still being able to honor our veterans. Little Giant’s reliable products can help you get the job done with confidence and gratitude.

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