How a Team of Gardeners Maintains Ashton Gardens in Utah

How a Team of Gardeners Maintains Ashton Gardens in Utah

It Takes a Team of Professional Gardeners to Keep Ashton Gardens at Its Best

It takes a team of professionals to keep the 55-acre gardens at Thanksgiving Point looking beautiful. Located only 30 minutes outside of the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, Thanksgiving Point is home to miles of intricate gardens and museums. In order to keep the Ashton Gardens at the venue pristine, a team of gardeners stay busy tending to the flora. One of those gardeners is Kylee, a recent graduate with a degree in horticulture.

About working at Thanksgiving Point, she says, “I love working with the plants. I have a degree in horticulture, and I find that working with the plants is a lot of fun. It’s very therapeutic and relaxing.” Her employment at the venue began March 2019, and she says that she thoroughly enjoys getting to put her degree to use in such a practical and enjoyable way.

Complications With the Elements

Still, keeping the 55 acres of property at its best isn’t a simple task, especially with the extreme weather that comes through the region. In Utah, the summers are hot and dry, and the winters are incredibly cold, with the area getting between 30-50 inches of snow per year, on average. As a gardener, Kylee works primarily in the heat. When temperatures reach the high 90’s, the team struggles. “Personally, I lose motivation really quickly when it’s hot,” Kylee said. Despite the extreme weather, the crew keeps the grounds immaculate year-round.

Kylee said that springtime is very exciting at Thanksgiving Point. Once the snow has melted, the team of gardeners get to work, preparing for the various flower festivals at the gardens. “It can be a little overwhelming to determine where to begin, especially in the springtime when everything is starting to bloom. I wouldn’t consider it necessarily challenging, but it certainly can be overwhelming.”

Little Giant on the Job and in the Home

About using Little Giant® ladders, she says, “We use Little Giant Ladders around the grounds here, and I use them at home, too.” Currently, Kylee lives with her parents and siblings. “My dad has a Little Giant that he uses all the time. He uses it for the Christmas lights on our house.”

Getting the Job Done

The team of gardeners are passionate about making Ashton Gardens a beautiful place for all, and it shows. Walking through the gardens feels transportive, as though you were swept away to another world. The Little Giant Ladders team appreciates Kylee taking the time to speak with us about her experiences.

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