Interview With a Pro: Meet Tony Latimer

Interview With a Pro: Meet Tony Latimer

How Our Pros Get Stuff Done

At Little Giant, we love seeing how people are able to get stuff done, especially atop our ladders. It is amazing what people are able to accomplish, and we want to celebrate that; so, we went out to meet one of the many individuals who are making a difference in the community.

Located in Lehi, Utah, Thanksgiving Point consists of a complex of farms, gardens and museums. Renowned for its beautiful gardens and landscaping, Thanksgiving Point is home to countless events, both private and public alike. With hundreds of acres at the venue, it takes a team of skilled and dedicated professionals to maintain the grounds. One of the skilled pros we were able to meet, was Tony Latimer, the garden and landscape director at Thanksgiving Point.

For him, a day on the job can vary greatly but usually includes tending to the plants on the grounds, as well as the butterfly biosphere. Because Thanksgiving Point is such a hot spot for events, there usually are a lot of moving parts that he and his team need to keep up on to keep things running smoothly.

As we watched him work, we became intrigued by his story. “I've enjoyed gardening ever since I was little kid,” Tony said. “I found the horticulture program in college and I knew it was right for me. It's what I love to do. I didn't need to search for any other degree.”

Today, Tony uses his horticulture studies on a daily basis, helping to make sure everything gets done at the venue. With all the many things to get done, such as pruning the trees or wrapping lights for the big holiday display; Tony is up and down ladders all day.

“We climb up ladders each day. We prune and cut down trees occasionally, sometimes having to do those tasks in the rain or snow. It can be especially challenging when you get snow on your boots and on the rungs of the ladder.

“We like Little Giant Ladders because we are constantly up and down the ladders. With our need to hurry and be efficient, we like the adjustments that we can make on the Little Giant. We especially like the King Kombo, because it is light, and we can extend it. A lot of the people on our team keep them in their carts, so they can get in to prune a tree or fix a light that might be out. It is nice because, with one ladder, they can feel secure while getting some height if needed. It’s not so heavy that it limits anyone from using it themselves.”

The Rewarding Nature of the Work

When asked about the rewarding nature of his job, he said, “Seeing immediate changes in my work is the most rewarding part. When you mow the lawns, you see a big difference. When you’re pruning trees, you see a big difference. The same is true when you are cleaning up an area or re-barking it. I like being outside and seeing the beauty that is outside and the beauty that we can create.

“I really like the people that I work with. The people on our team like being outside and like to work hard. We have some big tasks and we work as a team to accomplish those big tasks, so there is that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, and we all support each other and help each other to get that done.”

Tony is dedicated to his job, spending lots of time at the venue, both during the workweek and for event coordination on weekends. The horticulturist enjoys tending the gardens, ensuring that they look great for events held in the gardens, like weddings, parties and symphonies. He says that his team always pulls together to make sure the grounds of Thanksgiving Point retain their beauty. Being able to spend time outdoors makes it all worth it.

He says that because things move quickly on the job, it becomes easy to take the beauty of Thanksgiving Point for granted. Sometimes they all stop seeing the beauty and see only the tasks that need to be completed. As with all things in life, sometimes it is good to take a moment to stop and enjoy the moment.

“When you stop to take a moment to look around, we remember that we have such a beautiful place to work.” - Tony Latimer

How Do You Get Stuff Done?

We genuinely enjoyed getting to meet Tony and can’t wait to see what else he is able to accomplish. So, tell us; what do you do and how does your Little Giant ladder help you get the job done? Are you a maker? Do you keep things running smoothly? Whatever your story may be, we want to hear it. From all of us at Little Giant, thanks for being part of the community of skilled workers who keep the world running smoothly!

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