Ladder Safety and Construction

Ladder Safety and Construction

Sumo3-24-Climb1Forty percent of all construction worker deaths are caused by falls and about twenty-five percent of those deaths are from ladder falls. The construction standard for ladders is the third most cited OSHA violation every year, behind  fall  protection and  scaffolding violations.

Even with the common ladder-related accidents, ladder safety regularly gets ignored. To prevent these types of accidents, it's important to take precautions and be safe on your ladder. Get properly trained before you use your ladder. Once you are trained, train those around you to help them be safe too. Choose the right ladder for the job. Make sure the ladder is rated for your weight and the weight of your tools. Choose a ladder with the correct height for the task at hand. Also, choose the right type of ladder. If you need a stepladder, don't use an extension ladder. Before climbing, make sure you do a thorough ladder inspection. Look over all parts of the ladder to make sure they are in good condition and function the way they are supposed to. Maintain three points of contact. Set up your ladder correctly. If using  your ladder on a roof line, extend your ladder three feet above the roof line. If using an extension ladder, set your ladder at the correct angle, a 75.5 degree angle.

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