Ladder Safety in the Workplace

Ladder Safety in the Workplace

Ladders at Work

Ladder safety matters, no matter where you are using a ladder, but it is especially noteworthy on job sites, which is why today, Little Giant is sharing some tips on how to increase workplace ladder safety, as well as some solutions by Little Giant. Want to learn how to improve your safety at work? Do you want to highlight your ladder safety? Stick around! We will tackle it all here.

Now, you may be wondering, why the push for ladder safety? Every day, Little Giant makes it a priority to increase ladder safety, and during the month of March, Little Giant is partnered with ALI, the American Ladder Institute, in celebration of Ladder Safety Month. All throughout this month, you can find news, articles and social media posts sharing ladder safety tips that can help you and your loved ones work safer and more efficiently.

Why it Matters

Accidents happen, and when it comes to ladders, 2,000 of them happen each day in the United States. Those who work in manufacturing and industrial fields, where ladders are used on a daily basis, are more likely to experience a workplace injury. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, as they are more commonly known, has put safety rules in place to help you and your team operate safer; and many of the rules are about ladders.

OSHA's updated standard 1910.30 states that an employer must train each employee in a manner that the employee understands before that individual uses the equipment or when changes in the workplace render previous training obsolete or inadequate.

Not only does following the rules help you avoid OSHA safety citations, but it also helps your team make smart choices that allow them to go home safely each day, which is a major benefit in and of itself.

Solutions for Common Workplace Problems

If you’ve been following along throughout Ladder Safety Month, you’ve seen that we recently posted tips about general ladder safety, and those tips hold true in the workplace, too. For further safety, Little Giant has created lots of industry-specific ladders that introduce solutions for common workplace climbing problems.

The Cage®

If you're a pro, you have heard of the tie-off rule. In many industries, it is a requirement to tie-off at an anchor point if you are working on a ladder beyond a certain height. Little Giant solved the tie-off problem with The Cage®. The Cage is a cheaper, easier alternative to scaffolding, allowing you to work in an enclosed workspace without needing to tie-off.

The King Kombo™

Another common problem faced by pros is getting closer to their work in a safe way. The King Kombo is OSHA-certified as a leaning stepladder, extension and standard stepladder. With its locking legs and non-marring, non-slip ladder surfaces, it allows you to safely and legally lean your stepladder against a wall, 2x4 stud and inside or outside corner. Now, you will be able to easily reach your work.

The SumoStance®

Climbing a tall extension ladder can be daunting, but the SumoStance from Little Giant makes it easy. This lightweight, stabilizing extension ladder will be your new, ideal climbing solution. Its adjustable leg levelers adapt to your environment to ensure your ladder is level prior to climbing. The SumoStance also has lots of add-ons available to make your ladder even safer for your occupation. Add-ons like The Claw secure your extension ladder to cable lines and beams, for an added layer of security while working.

Companies That Trust Little Giant

Did you know that there are many large companies and brands that trust Little Giant to help their team climb and work safer? The number of companies that work with Little Giant continues to grow and expand, and our team is so grateful for the trust that is placed in our products. If your team would like to start working to implement Little Giant’s products, contact us at

The Preventing Injuries, Saving Lives Award

Would you like your company to be recognized by Little Giant for its ladder safety protocols? Check back here soon to get more information about the Preventing Injuries, Saving Lives™ Award presented by Little Giant, so you can sign up for this achievement.

What do you like to do to stay safe while using ladders on the job site? Send us a message on social media to share your ladder safety protocols with our team! We’d love to hear from you.

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