Ladder Safety: Prevention by Design

Ladder Safety: Prevention by Design

One of the steps to preventing ladder accidents is designing safety concerns out of the ladder. Here are a couple of examples of ladders from Little Giant Ladder Systems that are made safer by design:


Safety Cage

Many companies require workers to tie off to a suitable anchor point where they can work at heights with both hands. These standards can be difficult (and sometimes impossible!) to keep, so Little Giant came out with the Safety Cage and Adjustable Safety Cage. The Cages are a safe alternative to tying off. Both Cages are made of  non-conductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite. The Adjustable Safety Cage is fully adjustable in one-foot increments, while the Safety Cage is a fixed size.  Operators can work in a fully enclosed working platform, allowing them to work safely and quickly with two hands while complying with industry regulations.



The most common ladder-related injuries are strains and sprains from carrying and lifting heavy ladders. Now, there is a ladder that will help prevent those types of injuries. The lightest fiberglass ladder in the world is on the market. It is called the HyperLite.



Side-tips from ladders cause some of the most catastrophic injuries. The SumoStance outriggers, increase side tip stability and help prevent these types of accidents from happening.


Ground Cue

A significant percentage of ladder accidents happen when the worker misses the bottom rung. Ground Cue is available on select ladders as a bottom rung indicator with a notification the operator can both hear and feel when he or she reaches the last rung.


Ratchet Levelers

The ground isn't always level when it's time to work, but Ratchet Levelers adjust to uneven ground to make the ladder stable and safe.

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