Ladder Safety Resources

Are you looking for other resources to help you be safe? Here are a few we've found helpful for training and information!

Some Helpful Resources

American Ladder Institute The website has various safely pages including one for basic ladder safety, one for video safety training, links to other resources and a way to order a training DVD. This website also has ladder standards and information from ANSI. OSHA OSHA has all the required ladder safety guidelines. They also have instructions (with pictures) on how to use a ladder correctly. In addition, there are downloadable handouts.  Since OSHA is one of the ladder safety enforcers, they are a great place to look for ladder safety tips. This site has loads of great tips and other resources to help train on fall prevention. There are tips for using for both ladders and scaffolds. There are also tips for working on roofs. In addition to the safety tips, there are a couple of informational pages, with images showing the number of construction falls in the US in recent years. Safety Blog Other blogs with great resources include OH&S MagazineBlog 4 SafetySafety at Work Blog and the Safety Care. There other blogs not included in this list as well. If you just search ladder safety blogs or work safety blogs, a huge list will come up.

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