Ladder Safety Tips

When climbing your ladder, it's important to take the right safety precautions. Stay Centered While on your ladder, always face forward. Avoid turning to the side or looking backwards and keep your body between the ladder rails. Three Points of Contact Always have three points of contact when you climb your ladder. Three points of contact is having two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet in touch with the ladder the entire time you are on it. Carry Objects on a Tool Belt One way to ensure three points of contact is by using a tool belt for your equipment instead of carrying it up and down in your hands. Another option to help get the tools you need is to use a chain or pulley system to bring items up and down the ladder. "Do Not Stand Rung" Don’t stand on the top rung or top cap of your stepladder. Almost every stepladder has a sticker for the top rung that says "Do Not Use This Step," which can help remind you not to use that rung. In addition, never climb on the cross bracing or the top cap. Standing on the top of your ladder can make it not only tip more easily but also prevent you from keeping your balance. Practice ladder safety so you can prevent an injury and return home safely to your family.

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