Ladder Safety to Protect Ladder-related Injuries

We often talk about ladder safety and preventing accidents. We do this so that we can help decrease the number of these types of accidents and help you return home safely. Here are some of the facts about ladder-related accidents: The most common type of ladder-related accident is a strain or sprain from carrying or lifting heavy ladders. fractures. Roughly 30 percent of all ladder-related injuries were strains and sprains. If you regular set up, take down and move a 60 or 70 pounds ladder, you are at risk for this type of injury too. We developed the HyperLite, the lightest extension ladder in the world, to prevent these types of injuries. Fractures are another common. Fractures are often caused by falling from the ladder. Prevent fractures by practicing ladder safety. Overreaching caused the majority, roughly 79 percent, of falls were caused by overreaching or incorrect ladder placement. A ladder's flared side, ladder levelers and outriggers are all designed to prevent ladder tipping. Use the right tool for the job and practice ladder safety to prevent getting one of these injuries.

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