Ladders Inspection and Disposal

HyperLiteSumo M24 Pulley1Another focus of Ladder Safety Month is proper ladder inspection and disposal. Every time you use your ladder, you should do an inspection. This inspection should include:
  • The rungs
  • The rails
  • Any ropes or pulleys
  • The spreader bars
  • The ladder feet
You want to check each part of the ladder to make sure it is in good condition and works the way it is supposed to. Next, make sure your ladder is clean and ready to work. If the ladder has any grease, water or oil. If your ladder fails an inspection, make sure to take it out of service until is fixed or can be properly disposed. Sometimes, when a ladder fails an inspection, it can be easily fixed- replace the rope, tighten the spreader bars, etc. Other times, the ladder is damaged beyond repair and needs to be disposed of. Fixing the ladder is pretty self-explanatory, but disposing it is not as cut and dry. When disposing the ladder, make sure it is unusable when you put it in the dumpster. You will need to do something drastic, like cut it in pieces or steam roll it with a bulldozer.