Learning from Grainger

Grainger, North America’s leading supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products, has a great blog with safety tips and information, including ladder safety tips! Grainger’s website has special instructions for each ladder type, from portable wood ladders, to aluminum, to fiberglass. Here are a few tips from the site:
Test Requirements
Grainger’s site includes a section on ladder testing requirements. Requirements include weight and resistance testing as well as tests for strength and flexibility.
Ladder Use Guidelines
Grainger’s site also has some ladder safety tips. Some of the safety tips include: Pick the right ladder for the job. Inspect all pieces of the ladder. Check ladder placement to make sure the ladder is secure. Climb safely. Never move the ladder when someone else is on it. Never have more weight on the ladder than it is rated for. Use the ladder on a level surface. Never overreach. Make sure to care for and store the ladder properly too.
Marking Requirements
Every ladder should be marked the proper information so the operator can easily choose the correct ladder. The label should include the ladder size, type, maximum length, number of sections (if appropriate), highest standing level, total length of sections (if applicable), model number, manufacturer’s name, manufacturer’s location and date of manufacture. While this information should be included in the manufacturer's label, sometimes labels wear out and need to be replaced. If that is the case for you, The ladders should come with these labels. If the labels get too worn, contact the manufacturer and they should be able get you new ones. Thanks for helping your customers be safer, Grainger!

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