Local Company Embraces National Movement to Prevent Injuries and Save Lives

Local Company Embraces National Movement to Prevent Injuries and Save Lives

Springville, Utah, February 28, 2018 – Little Giant Ladder Systems®, the industry leader in ladder safety innovation, leads the charge in promoting the Second Annual Ladder Safety Month. “Little Giant is proud to partner with the American Ladder Institute (ALI) and participate in the Second Annual Ladder Safety Month,” said Art Wing, Executive Chairman of Little Giant Ladder Systems. “Little Giant is changing the ladder industry with better training and innovative products which will help organizations save time, money, and most importantly, lives. Ladder Safety Month provides an opportunity to help increase safety awareness, promote the safe use of ladders by homeowners and working professionals, and help prevent injuries and save lives.”


Click to watch a ladder safety message from Little Giant’s CEO


During the month of March, Little Giant will be participating in the following activities across the country:


Kick-Off Meeting

Little Giant will kick off the month with a company-wide meeting at the corporate headquarters on March 1. The meeting will include a ladder safety training, information on new products and updates on the ladder industry.


Ladder Safety Trainings

Little Giant has set a goal to provide ladder safety training for 10,000 people during the month. These trainings will start with the company’s kick-off meeting and will continue coast-to-coast, provided by a national team of safety experts from Little Giant. The trainings will take place through webinars, onsite trainings and presentations at OSHA Education Centers.


OSHA Education Outreach

Little Giant has partnered with OSHA Education Centers across the country to provide ladder safety training to safety professionals -To kick off ladder safety month, the Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute Education Center held a training on Feb. 8 with Dave Francis, national safety director for Little Giant Ladder Systems. The OSHA Training Institute Education Center in San Diego will host a Safety Week with Dave Francis presenting on March 8.


The OSHA Education Center at the University of Texas at Arlington, partnering with Houston’s Associated General Contractors of America, will host a symposium in Houston on March 29 with Ryan Moss, CEO and president of the ALI, and Dave Francis. Join the live broadcast of the event by visiting laddersafetysymposium.com.


National Ladder Safety Day

In connection with Ladder Safety Month and in memory of Hal Wing, founder of Little Giant Ladders, innovator and respected leader in the ladder industry, Little Giant is celebrating March 5th, Hal’s birthday, as Ladder Safety Day. Watch a 2-minute video describing Hal’s vision and his contribution to ladder safety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu8Fk8d3JSg.


Social Media Outreach and Ladder Safety Each day during National Ladder Safety Month, Little Giant will post ladder safety tips on its social media accounts. Little Giant Ladder Systems’ free safety trainings, safety tips posted on social media platforms and education tools will help prevent people from becoming industry statistics.

  1. Ladder Safety Facebook: LittleGiantLadders
  2. Ladder Safety Instagram: @littlegiantladders
  3. Ladder Industry Twitter: @LittleGiant
  4. Ladder Safety YouTube: LittleGiantLadders

“The numbers are shocking. Every day 2,000 people are injured while using ladders; 100 suffer a long-term or permanent disability; and tragically, 1 person dies—every day,” said Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems. “Ladder-related incidents are the single greatest injury and lost-time expense for many companies. It is our mission to provide continuing education and state-of-the-art ladder innovation to reduce and prevent these types of accidents.”




About Little Giant Ladder Systems: 

Little Giant Ladder Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes superior-quality climbing products worldwide. As the industry leader in ladder safety innovation, the company’s growing family of brands includes Little Giant Ladders®, Little Giant Xtreme™, Aerial Safety Cage™, Select Step™, Dark Horse™, HyperLite™ and HyperLite SumoStance®.


For more information contact: 
Sara Hall, Corporate Communications
Email: sara@ladders.com

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