Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Little Giant Ladders

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Little Giant Ladders

Happy Holidays

The Season of Giving Back


This holiday season, Little Giant and our team of brand ambassadors gave back by donating their time to local chapters of Habitat for Humanity. Together, with the aid of our in-office team and a global team of brand ambassadors, we assisted families in need during the holidays. With 2020 being such a challenging year for everyone, these acts of service felt so rewarding for all involved.

 Habitat for Humanity

Those who volunteered from Little Giant’s headquarters were assisting Habitat for Humanity in building a handicap-accessible ramp to a veteran’s home. For four hours, this crew cut wood, poured cement and built the ramp. Upon the ramp’s completion, they ensured the ramp was aligned with the concrete steps which were already in place, securing the ramp to the veteran’s house. Now, with his new ramp, the veteran can finally get in and out of his home while using his wheelchair, granting him increased mobility.

Habitat for Humanity 2 

About working with Habitat for Humanity, Sara Hall, Little Giant’s PR manager said, "Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity with my coworkers was such a rewarding experience! I am used to collaborating with my fellow employees during our day-to-day jobs, and it was incredibly neat to see our team work together on a physical project where we could see the results immediately. I also appreciated how helpful the Habitat for Humanity coordinators were with those of us who weren't as experienced with building. At the end of the day, it felt so great to help improve someone's quality of life, especially a veteran who was willing to risk everything for his country. It is so rewarding to find a way to focus on others, especially during the holiday season."


It was a cold day in Utah when the crew was out. Wearing their masks and working at a distance from one another, they labored together in the challenging work. Still, despite the cold weather, strenuous work and extenuating circumstances of the world, the volunteers found themselves laughing and enjoying the work they shared.


“When it comes to providing acts of service I think of Karma,” said Manny Gonzalez, a Little Giant employee. “You do good, good will be returned to you. When providing a kind service for others it not only helps the person you are doing the act of service for, but it also builds up the person who is doing the act of service. You feel good about yourself; you feel like something big was accomplished and it motivates you to continue to help others. It’s a good feeling”

 Habitat for Humanity 3

Service is Everywhere

This holiday season, Little Giant invites everyone to find ways to serve. The dynamic of the world may look different than it has in holidays past, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can safely give back.


“The holiday season is a time to be selfless, said Manny Gonzalez. “Usually one thinks about what we want to receive but I feel like it is the perfect opportunity to give back. Something that is special about giving back is seeing the reactions of those who you give to. It is a special feeling.”


Service and giving back doesn’t have to involve technical skill or manual labor like we did with Habitat for Humanity. Acts of service can take all shapes and forms, and it can be most genuine when done in a way that complements your skills, interests and personality. How you help is completely up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just remember, there are ways to give back, even while remaining socially distant this year.

How Can You Give Back?

We compiled some ideas from Little Giant employees about ways we can all safely provide acts of service to those around us, even while remaining socially distant.


  • “Service is everywhere. This has been a hard year for everyone! Even wearing a mask is an easy way to serve those around you.” – Ryan Garrett, Graphic Design
  • “One of my favorite ways to serve during the winter is shoveling my neighbors’ driveways and sidewalks after a fresh snow. I know I always appreciate when someone does it for me and so I try to find time to do it for others.” – Lane Olson, Creative Director
  • “Christmas is a time to give to those around you. I have personally enjoyed giving back through Christmas shopping for the elderly who are unable to visit stores in-person this year.” – Addison Black, Social Media
  • “A nice thought that has been crossing my mind is writing a letter to those who you appreciate. Telling them why you appreciate them. And when I say write a letter, I mean literally a physical letter and mailing it, like what it used to be back in the day.” – Manny Gonzalez, Graphic Design
  • “I would say look into donating to your local non-profit arts organizations! Because of the pandemic, many of these groups haven't been able to resume operations, which both provide revenue and stimulate donations. Without the money coming in, many are struggling to stay afloat as bills and running costs haven't disappeared.” – Kacey Spadafora, Video Producer
  • “Send a card or make a phone call to loved ones that may be extra lonely this time of year. Leave a kind, uplifting note on someone's car in the parking lot, or pay for the car behind you in the drive-through. Random acts of kindness go a long way and bring a smile to someone's face.” – Cheryl Palea, Project Manager
  • “Shovel someone's driveway, or utilize all the different platforms to deliver a meal from GrubHub, Uber Eats, etc. Or utilize all the online shopping platforms to purchase Christmas for the less fortunate and get it delivered. – Jesse Nuttall, Director of Digital
  • “I think just being kind to each other is one of the best things we can do. Also, taking time to reach out to family and friends in some digital form can make someone’s day.” – Kesley Miller, Photographer
  • “Something as simple as writing someone a letter letting them know that you are here for them. Since we can't physically be with a lot of the people we love, a letter or a Christmas card letting them know you haven't forgotten them and that if they do need anything that you are here for them and to please feel free to reach out. Also, helping people put up or take down their decorations at this time of year is one way of giving back, because let's be honest, it's pretty cold outside and no one wants to spend more time than is necessary putting up or taking down decorations and lights. – Trevor West - Product Manager
  •  "I think that this season has made people more aware of the needs of those around them. When winter weather sets in, think of those in your neighborhood that are elderly, and shovel their driveway for them. If you know someone is stuck in their house because they've been quarantined, bring some food to them. You can set things in front of their door and once you've left, they can take it inside. It's the little things that really show you care." – Michael Buck, Video Producer


So, regardless of what you do or how you do it, remember that there are people in need, and there are so many ways you can help to brighten their lives. We all are going through this challenging year together, so let’s find ways to lighten each other’s burdens.


We at Little Giant wish you all the happiest of holidays! Stay safe out there!

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