How a Little Giant Can Make a Big Impact

How a Little Giant Can Make a Big Impact

Garden of Quilts at Ashton Gardens

From September 12-14, 2019, professional quilters from around the globe gathered at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, to attend Garden of Quilts at Ashton Gardens. The event was coordinated by both Karen Ashton at Thanksgiving Point and Cindy Cloward from Riley Blake Designs, one of the leading quilt fabric manufacturers in the US. In commemoration of Riley Blake Designs’ 10th anniversary, Ashton and Cloward teamed up to create an event that spotlighted their passion, quilting.

The three-day event displayed more than 1,000 quilts and boasted an English garden party atmosphere for the quilters. In addition to viewing the quilts throughout the garden venue’s natural beauty, attendees were able to participate in quilting classes, with opportunities available for every skill level.

Upon arrival, it quickly became evident what a role Little Giant Ladders® played in the preparatory process of the event. As the staff and volunteers at Garden of Quilts began hanging quilts and blankets throughout the gardens, they relied heavily upon the added height the ladders provided. Scores of Little Giant Ladders dotted the grounds, as men and women scaled the heights to display the works of art.

The most commonly seen ladder at this event? The Little Giant MightyLite™. This lightweight fiberglass stepladder features a comfortable standing platform, which made the decorating process fast, easy and comfortable for the Thanksgiving Point team. The ladder’s Ground Cue® feature, a bottom-rung alert system, also made descending the ladder with tools safer for the crew.

It was great to see how Little Giant Ladders could help a local venue Get Stuff Done. Do you frequently use Little Giant Ladders in your business or home? Tell us about it! We love seeing the difference our products can make!

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