Product Feature: Jumbo Step

About the Jumbo Step The new Little Giant Jumbo Step is light weight and strong. The Jumbo Step’s 8 ½-inch-wide, slip-resistant treads and stair-like design provide unmatched comfort and stability.The patent-pending Jumbo Step operates easily and is simple to store with its slim 4 ½-inch storage depth. Its large nonslip footpads provide great traction over almost any surface. The Jumbo Step will stand up to professional and industrial use and is rated to hold up to 375 lbs. The Jumbo Step is available in 2, 3 and 4-step models. Jobs for the Jumbo Step The Jumbo Step is ideal for jobs that require both frequent climbing up and down, as well as those that require long periods of standing. The Jumbo Step’s design makes working at heights as comfortable as standing on the ground. The Jumbo Step is the perfect ladder for jobs around the house or at work. The Jumbo Step is great for any time you need to get a little more height. Jobs like getting on a trampoline or hanging tack in a barn are perfect for the Jumbo Step. You can also use the Jumbo Step to help with construction-type jobs like hanging drywall or painting.