Professional Tools for the Working Professionals

Professional Tools for the Working Professionals

Meet Josh Sylvester – Director of Facilities at Thanksgiving Point

Event centers and large venues require a great deal of maintenance to keep things running smoothly, and Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, is no exception. Josh Sylvester is the director of facilities at Thanksgiving Point, and as such, he and his team are constantly busy doing facility maintenance.

“We deal with all of the unexpected things that happen around the property. We deal with everything from the mundane of plumbing repairs, to setting up power for big public events that are coming in. We help when air conditioners go out. We have thousands of people coming out here every day, so we have to jump on that stuff right away to make sure our guests are comfortable.”

Although the job can be tricky at times, Josh is no novice in facility management. In college, he studied construction management, before going on to get an MBA. Over the past 15 years, he has been working in construction management and facilities management.

Having the Right Tools for the Job

In order to properly attend to the vast space that is Thanksgiving Point, Josh’s team is reliant on quality tools. Having the right variety of tools makes all the difference in his team’s success.

“My crew each has a variety of tools in their trucks, based on their specialization. We have electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and carpenters. Really, any tool you can imagine- we’ve got it in one of our trucks, vans or in our shop. These guys are dealing with a huge variety of projects every day.”

Without the right equipment, Josh’s team becomes inefficient and faces additional dangers and hazards.

“With my team, we deal with hazards from heavy equipment usage. There is the possibility of being hit or crushed if equipment isn’t operated properly. We deal with electrical issues every day, and we also deal with the dangers of using hand tools.”

Using Little Giant® has been awesome. Over the past year, it has helped our crew speed up the work. The ladders are so light and versatile, and we can move them on top of a van or truck so easily. We don’t have the risk of our guys straining their backs. I can literally lift a Little Giant with one hand, with no strain at all. It has been amazing. Some of our guys just have some of the normal A-frames, but overall, they have just really loved how user-friendly these ladders are. Some of the guys prefer the adjustable ladders, so they can use it as a straight extension ladder or an A-frame to get to any job they need to do without the weight and bulk they’ve had to deal with in the past.”

Why Thanksgiving Point?

Josh has worked with the Thanksgiving Point team for many years. About working here, he says that this is his favorite place he has ever worked. He is proud to say that he loves working with his coworkers and feels that he can rely on them and their expertise to get the job done every day.

About working at Thanksgiving Point, he says, “Thanksgiving Point really has an amazing mission. Even before I started working here, my family had a membership, and we would come with our kids because they loved it is so much. They still do. In fact, we can’t go a week without them begging to come to Thanksgiving Point to play and experience all of the fun things here. I love working here because I feel like I am contributing to that, not only for my family, but for all of the families in our valley and the many visitors to our state. It’s impossible to get bored here. There just are so many unique things to do every day.”

Keeping the venue at its peak performance is no easy undertaking, and Josh and his team are always busy with maintenance projects throughout the grounds.

“There are so many moving parts to keep a place like this running. We’ve got several restaurants, museums, a 55-acre garden and a working farm. Keeping track of all of the moving parts and pieces is a challenge, but it also is the most rewarding part, too.”

The husband and father of five is dedicated to his work and community, and it shows. Little Giant thanks Josh Sylvester for taking the time to tell us about his experiences as a pro using Little Giant ladders. Are you also a pro? Tell us how you get stuff done!

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