Professional Window Cleaning on a Little Giant

Professional Window Cleaning on a Little Giant

How a Local Pro Uses Little Giant Ladders to Professionally Clean Windows

For some, the idea of standing on a ladder is a daunting prospect. For professional window cleaners, that’s part of a typical day. The Little Giant Ladders team stopped in to meet with some of those window cleaners to learn more about their average day on the job.

Diego Barela is a window cleaning professional at Shine On Window Cleaning Services in Utah. He and his fellow window washers stand atop ladders all day to clean both residential and commercial windows. He says that each day is a little different and each location has its own set of challenges.  Diego is a student at Utah Valley University, studying to become an EMT. For him, window cleaning was a job that he stumbled upon, but has since developed an appreciation for. About his position, he said, “I like that it is flexible with my school schedule. I can get in lots of hours, while still having the time to get my schoolwork done. It can be a challenging job, but it really is great.”

Shine On and Little Giant - Two Companies Dedicated to Safety

Shine On Window Cleaning Services is a Utah-based company that provides window cleaning solutions for businesses and homeowners alike. The local company trusts Little Giant Ladder Systems® to help their pros safely and efficiently complete the job with ease.

No two locations are alike, and as such, these pros often face unique terrain that needs to be accounted for prior to starting their work.

“Sometimes we will go to a house where the windows are out of reach and we have to figure out how we will reach them,” Diego said. “And sometimes there are rough areas where we have to set up a ladder, and it can be hard to find a space where things are stable,” he continued. “When you get up on the ladder and it starts to rock, you have to get down and reset the ladder to make sure it is set up right. It’s just really important to make sure you are safe, so you don’t fall off the ladder. That’s probably the biggest hazard- falling off a ladder.” 

Hearing this response about the challenges on the job, we asked him how Little Giant Ladders have helped him and his coworkers combat those problems, to which he said, “Little Giant’s ladders absolutely help; especially on the new ones with the adjustable legs. Some of those older ladders are hard, because they don’t adjust, and it makes it hard to set up in an area that isn’t level. I really like the newer ones though, because it makes it so much easier.”

It’s great to hear that Little Giant is making a positive impact in the everyday operations of local and large-scale businesses across the globe. We would like to thank Diego and the team at Shine On Window Cleaning Services for letting us visit them on the job site to see how they use Little Giant Ladders to get stuff done.

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