Safety for the DIYer

Now is the season DIYers are working like crazy to finish those outdoor projects. Even with all these projects, it is still important to work safely. Here are a couple of safety tips for you:
  1. Work on level ground. If the ground will be unlevel, use a ladder with levelers
  2. Be aware of hazards. Any DIY project can introduce hazards.
  3. Check for opening doors. A common ladder-related accident actually happens when a person is on a ladder in front of a door and a person on the other side of the door opens it, knocking the ladder. If you are working near a door, use cones or another option to let people know to be careful with the ladder.
  4. Use the right ladder for the job. Never fold up a stepladder and use it as an extension ladder.
  5. Never lash your ladder, or stack ladders on top of one another. Use a ladder that is tall enough for the job at hand.