Safety Training and Construction Ladder Safety

According to this article, one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries on construction sites is the lack of training.We often talk about the importance of training, and it is great to see others talk about the importance too. Training is crucial for safety. The article talks about the importance of training team members how to use equipment, including ladders, the right way. We like to give our readers ladder training tips, and here are just a few more ladder safety training reminders. -Make sure the spreader bars are secure and locked into place. -Use the ladder on level ground and use leg levelers properly. -Maintain three points of contact when climbing the ladder and keep your body between the rails. -Be aware of your surroundings when carrying the ladder and have someone help you whenever possible. Take time to train your team. Proper training will help on-the-job injuries. While it may seem to take a lot of time in the moment, this training will actually help to save time, money and lives. Construction can be a dangerous industry to work in, so remember to train your team to help make work a little safer.

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