Summer DIY ideas

Summer is the time to get projects done outside. If you haven't thought of any projects to do before summer wraps up, here are a few: Decorating Use the summer months to add some new decor to your home's exterior. You can use your ladder to hang lights or other outside decorations.Putting together a gazebo or pergola for your yard? Use your ladder to help! Looking to add a little refresh to your interior? Your ladder can help with that too. Use your ladder to hang pictures or to place other decor items. Cleaning Windows Now is the perfect time to get the outside of your windows cleaned. Your Little Giant can help you get where you need to in order to safely get your windows cleaned. The height and location of the window will depend on the position you'll need your ladder to be in. Since your ladder easily adjusts, you can use it in almost any position and in almost any height to help you safely get your windows spotless. Painting Do you have some painting to get done? Set your Little Giant in the scaffolding position to help you finish the job quickly and safely. Cleaning Gutters Summer is a great time to clean out your ladders before the fall leaves and other debris fall into them. Use your ladder in the extension position to help you work safely. Remember to extend your ladder three feet past the roof line to help prevent your ladder from slipping out. What projects do you have planned for the summer?