Summer Ladder Safety

With summer right around the corner, let's talk summer ladder safety. Beware of Heat Ladders can absorb heat, making them too hot to use. Make sure to store your ladders outside of direct sunlight to keep them at a safe temperature. Avoid the Hottest Time of Day For your safety, avoid working in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Noon to about three is generally the hottest part of the day, making it risky for you to go outside. If possible, find ways to do inside work during this time and save your outside work for early morning and late afternoon.   Check Your Ladder’s Temperature In the hot weather, your ladder will get hot too. When possible, keep your ladder in the shade or indoors when not in use, preventing your ladder from reaching an unsafe temperature. Remember Safe Ladder Practices It is important to take some special precautions in the summer, but it’s always important to remember regular ladder safety too. Maintain three points of contact, stay between the rails, set your ladder up on a level surface are all guidelines that will prevent a ladder-related accident while you're out working.

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