The Leaning Ladder Trend

The Leaning Ladder Trend

Leaning Ladders

Since the introduction of the leaning ladder, it has risen in popularity, and as a result, leaning ladders are popping up on job sites across the country. Although some ladders have been designed for use in the leaning position, ordinary stepladders were not intended for such purposes. The result? Increased potential of severe injuries. This practice is an unnecessary hazard. It's a hazard many workers know about, yet still practice, despite the dangers. So, what can be done to help ensure non-leaning ladders aren't misused?

Develop and Enforce Workplace Standards

Train, Train, Train

If a ladder designed to be used in the leaning position shows up on your job site, provide proper training to the team. Teach your crew of the benefits of a leaning ladder and remind them that not all ladders are leaning ladders. Remember, a leaning ladder has extra grip on the feet and wall pad so it won't slide out, unlike ordinary stepladders.


Develop a procedure of what do if an ordinary ladder is used in the leaning position. Make sure your team knows the consequences of using a ladder unsafely. Will there be write-ups? Will all leaning ladders be taken out of service? You want to make sure the consequence is fair, but also effective.

Ladder Selection

Choose the best ladders. Whether this means replacing all ordinary ladders with ladders designed to be used as leaning ladders, or whether it means just having high-quality ladders on the job site, make sure you always have the best ladders to help you climb safely.

What Comes Next?

Changing the culture of ladder usage may not happen overnight, but with time and reinforcement, we can make a difference. Making this change may seem menial; after all, what difference can this really make? At Little Giant Ladder Systems, we are firm believers in the importance and value of preventing injuries and saving lives. If we all take steps to work safer while climbing, more men and women will be able to come home safely to their loved ones.

Start making changes now. Lead by example and provide your team with the safest ladders, so they can get their work done in confidence, knowing they have the right equipment for the job. Little Giant Ladders engineers and manufactures safe combination ladders, which can be used in stepladder and leaning ladder configurations. If you would like to learn more about Little Giant's leaning ladders, check them out here.

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