The Most Common Fall Hazards

Workplace fall hazards cause some of the most serious injuries. One of the steps of prevention is knowing the hazards so you can be prepared to prevent them. Here are some of the most common fall hazards: Working at Height It makes sense that anytime a person is working at height, he there is a danger of falling. Ladders, scaffolds and platforms are all considered "working at height." It is important to be extra cautious any time you are working above the ground so you can maintain your balance and stay safe. Slips & Trips Another fall hazard is slipping and tripping. Slips are usually caused when the floor, ground or other surface is slick, so the easiest way to prevent this kind of accident is by cleaning any liquid or grease. Trips are usually caused by debris in the work area, so you can prevent these accidents by preventing having a clear work area. . Lack of Guardrails Sometimes there is not a guardrail when there should be one which can lead to an accident. These accidents can be prevented by making sure there is a guardrail. These are some of the major fall hazards, and accidents can be prevented by avoiding the hazard or by fixing it.

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