The New Trend of Leaning Ladders

The New Trend of Leaning Ladders

Now Trending: The Leaning Ladder

One of the top trends we’ve noticed in the last couple of years is the leaning ladder trend. Up until just a couple of years ago, the rule was to never use a stepladder folded up against the wall since it is not designed to be used that way. The rule still applies to ordinary stepladders, which can cause some confusion on the job site when there is a leaning ladder.

What Qualifies as a Leaning Ladder?

Leaning ladders have extra rubber to prevent them from slipping out so they can be used safely in the leaning position. Additionally, leaning ladders incorporate some form of leg locking mechanism, which keeps the ladder's rear legs from catching on the ground and sliding the ladder apart. Today, you will find that most ladder companies have some kind of leaning ladder.

The Ultimate Leaning Ladder

The King Kombo from Little Giant is a leaning ladder, in addition to an extension ladder and a stepladder. The narrow side on the stepladder can fit through wall studs to help framers work more safely. The incorporated rotating top cap allows you to work on inside or outside corners safely. Industrial and Technical models of the King Kombo come with a V-bar to use on outside corners in the extension position.

The Future of Leaning Ladders

There are so many innovations happening in the ladder industry every day. Years ago, the ladder aisle had relatively little variation. Today, when you walk in the ladder aisle, you can see a wide variety of ladders that serve different purposes, so you can get the right climbing equipment for the task at hand. If you have a leaning ladder on your job site, make sure to use it safely.

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