Use the Right Equipment

Quality equipment costs money, and businesses sometimes have trouble justifying the cost of good equipment. Unfortunately, using sub-par equipment often leads to accidents and injuries. Today, we are going to talk about an employee who was injured when using an unsafe ladder. The ladder was too large for the job the employee was doing and the ladder feet were so worn they were useless. The man came down the ladder to take a break, but the ladder slipped. The worker fell and landed on his foot. He dislocated his ankle and fractured his foot, resulting in numerous surgeries and an inability to work. What can we learn from this tragic accident? The major takeaway is the importance of having quality equipment and knowing how to use it safely. This worker needed the right size ladder for the job. Too tall or too short ladders create lead to dangers and ultimately the risk of accident. It's also important to check equipment and make sure it is safe to use. The ladder from this accident did not have grips, causing it to slip. Inspect your ladders and make sure they are safe to use and help prevent accidents like this one.

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