Use Your Adjustable Ladder Like a Pro

Use Your Adjustable Ladder Like a Pro

The adjustable ladder. The multi-position ladder. The articulating ladder. You've likely heard of these terms, but did you know they all refer to the same kind of ladder? The versatility of this kind of climbing equipment has been helping homeowners and professional tradespeople for years. If you're new to adjustable, multi-position ladders, you may not know how they are best used. Here's a great starting place:


Each side of the ladder telescopes independently, so if you have a job on stairs, you can have one side of the ladder be shorter than the other side, so you can use your ladder safely if it is adjustable. This idea also applies to sloping ground. If you have to work on a small hill or stadium-style seating, you can safely adjust your ladder to get the work done. Hanging pictures, painting, hanging light fixtures or changing smoke detector batteries are all examples of jobs for your ladder in the staircase position.


If you need to get on your roof, putting your ladder in the extension position can make that happen. Always use a tall enough ladder and extend it three feet past the roofline. Do you have a roof to inspect or maybe gutters to clean? Regardless of the task at hand, when used in the extension position, your multi-position ladder can help you complete any roof-related job. The extension position can also help you complete tasks like washing windows.

Versatile Enough for Any Task

You can also use your ladder in the stepladder position, and this position allows you to complete almost any job we haven't covered already. Framing, cleaning, inspecting your home and landscaping are all examples of tasks for your ladder in the stepladder position. The options are truly endless!

Are you ready to see an adjustable ladder in action? Check out the Epic™ ladder from Little Giant Ladders®.

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