What is Ladder Safety?

The ALI's theme for this week is "What is Ladder Safety?" so we wanted to talk about it on the blog today. The simple explanation of ladder safety is using a ladder in a way that will not cause an accident or injury. Here are a few tips for being safe on your ladder: Set the ladder on firm, level ground
  • Firm and level ground will prevent the ladder from tipping. If the ladder is unlevel, use a ladder leveler to help level it. You can use a ladder with integrated levelers, like the Ratchet™ Levelers for extra stability. If the ground is slick, wet or too soft, wait until the conditions become better.
  • Be Careful While Climbing
Always be alert while on your ladder. Face the ladder and grip the rungs rather than the side rails. Always maintain three points of contact - either two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand. Set your ladder at the correct angle. If using an extension ladder, extend it three feet above the roof or platform you are climbing to. Never lean or overreach. Instead, get off the ladder and move it to where you need to to go. If you need tools, carry them in a tool belt so your hands are free. For more ladder safety tips, visit the Ladder Safety Month's website or American Ladder Institute. You can also visit LadderSafetyHub.com for even more tips or for information on free ladder safety training.