What is Ladder Safety Month?

What is Ladder Safety Month?

For the past five years, the first week of March has marked the start of Ladder Safety Month. It’s a time of learning and introspection, where we consider the mistakes we’ve made, the mistakes others have made and the things we can do to avoid making future mistakes while using a ladder. Ladder Safety Month is geared toward education and awareness of correct ladder use, regardless of what kind of ladder you use or where the job takes you.

Why Does it Matter?

Ladder injuries occur every single day. In fact, every day in the US:

  • 2,000 people are injured from a ladder-related injury
  • 100 of those people experience long-term or permanent disability
  • 1 person dies, never returning home to their family

Ladder injuries affect us all in one way or another. If we increase education, improve ladder designs and hold all of ourselves accountable to make smart choices and not cut corners, we can decrease those statistics, helping more people return home to their loved ones.

What You Can Expect

During Ladder Safety Month, Little Giant Ladder Systems® will be sharing important and entertaining ladder safety information on our social media platforms, blogs, emails, etc. Little Giant will also be hosting interactive, virtual ladder safety training through Little Giant Live.

Weekly Themes

  • Week One: Choosing Your Ladder
  • Week Two: Safety Before the First Step (Inspection and Set-Up)
  • Week Three: Safety While Climbing
  • Week Four: Safety at the Top
  • Week Five: Ladder Safety Misconceptions

Find Us Online

Find us online during Ladder Safety Month on:

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