What Makes the King Kombo So Great?

We've talked about the King Kombo™ before, but we aren't done talking about it. Why? Because the King Kombo has changed the ladder industry. As the world's first stepladder, extension ladder and leaning ladder combination, it has granted greater accessibility for tradespeople and DIYers alike. This 3-in-1 combination ladder can help you complete all of your tasks on the job or in the home. The fact that it is so versatile has made it easier for users to get stuff done without hauling multiple ladders around.

Leaning Ladder

For tasks like running wire or accessing a hard-to-reach corner, you can quickly adjust the King Kombo to be a safe leaning ladder. In the leaning position, use the rotating wall pad's non-marring surface to get closer to your work. The rotating wall pad can safely be used on inside and outside corners, walls, poles, studs, and even damageable surfaces like paint, drywall and stucco.

The Industrial King Kombo

The Industrial King Kombo has ultra-heavy-duty feet with aggressive tread for elite traction and durability, designed for harsh, industrial environments. This model of ladder also features a tough corner, pole and stud-gripping V-bar that can be used in the extension ladder position. This heavy-duty grip conforms to outside corners and even offers protection for damageable leaning surfaces like paint, drywall, stucco and round poles.

Better Usability

Speed, power and safety. Prepare to be faster and safer than ever on the job! The King Kombo’s wide steps provide stability and comfort, and its dual-purpose top cap offers both a spacious standing platform and a convenient tool tray. Its wide-flared side offers superior side-tip stability, while its rear side allows you to access tight workspaces between wall studs or ceiling trusses and roof or attic access ports.
As you can see, Little Giant® thought of just about everything when it comes to the King Kombo. This ladder is lightweight, easy to use and ultra-versatile. Are you ready to pick up a King Kombo? Learn more here.