Christmas Gift Guide  2020 - The King Kombo™ Ladder

Christmas Gift Guide  2020 - The King Kombo™ Ladder

Top Gift Idea for the Pros

We all are looking for the perfect gift for the people in our lives during the season of giving. If you have a professional tradesperson on your gift list, it can be intimidating finding the right equipment to give them. After all, pros know what they like and are particular about their equipment, which is why today, Little Giant Ladder Systems® is sharing our top gift idea for the pro or tradesperson in your life.


What to Look For

So, what things do the pros look for when selecting a ladder and what should you look for when purchasing a ladder?

  • Lightweight
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Material 
    • Non-conductive fiberglass
    • Aluminum
  • Usability


The King Kombo Ladder

Now, you may be thinking, what ladder fits the bill for all of these requirements? Well, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something lightweight, versatile, durable, ultra-usable and available in either fiberglass or aluminum, the Little Giant King Kombo™ is the ladder you need.


What is the King Kombo?

The King Kombo has quickly become a fan-favorite for tradespeople and DIYers alike. But what is it that makes this ladder so unique? The King Kombo is a revolutionary, 3-in-1 combination ladder, converting from stepladder to extension ladder and leaning ladder configurations with a smooth, easy-to-use operation. Furthermore, not only is it versatile, but it also is super lightweight. Unlike many multi-position ladders that are heavy and hard to carry, the King Kombo is light enough to be held one-handed. With features like these, it’s sure to be the best gift of the holiday.


Still, the real ribbon on top of this gift is the King Kombo’s integrated rotating wall pad. With the push of a button, you can safely use the ladder in a leaning configuration on inside and outside corners, flat walls, poles and 2x4 studs. Getting closer to your work has never been easier.


The King Kombo 1.0 vs. the King Kombo 2.0

If you’ve been following Little Giant closely, you likely have seen that we recently launched a brand-new version of the King Kombo that has some brand-new features. But what are the differences and which version is right for you? Both ladders are excellent in their own right, but with some variation between these two versions of the ladder, it’s essential to make a note of those differences.


The predominant feature difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 lies in the King Kombo 2.0’s single-handed hinge and the fact that it is available in fiberglass or aluminum models. Another awesome thing about the King Kombo 2.0? It’s an American-made ladder! That’s right; the King Kombo 2.0 is made right here in our Springville, Utah, USA, facility. So, if you are gifting to someone who wants their products to be American-made, we’ve got a ladder for that. Now, let’s delve into some of the distinct differences between the 2.0 and 1.0.


Single-Handed, Grip-N-Go Hinge

The original King Kombo has two palm buttons that need to be pressed independently to engage the motion from storage to stepladder, extension and back again. It is a simple process, but the 2.0 streamlined the process even further with the single-handed, Grip-N-Go hinge. With one motion, the ladder can move from position to position, all without repeatedly pressing the palm buttons.



Aluminum and Fiberglass

For electricians, fiberglass is the only way to go, and Little Giant’s non-conductive, Hi-Viz Green fiberglass is exactly what pros in that field need. However, for many other pros who don’t work around electricity, aluminum rails are preferred due to their lighter weight. The original King Kombo is available only in fiberglass, but the King Kombo 2.0 is available with rails in both aluminum and fiberglass. Now, you can choose the material you want.


Ground Cue®

One of the highlights of the original King Kombo was its industrial and technical models, which featured Little Giant’s Ground Cue® technology, a bottom-step alert system. Currently, in 2020, the King Kombo 2.0 does not have Ground Cue available, so if that is a priority for the ladder user, the King Kombo 1.0 could be the right choice for you.



If you want to sweeten the gift even further, getting some compatible accessories will make you a gift-giving hero this season.


Quad Pod

The Quad Pod™ is the perfect accessory for any King Kombo. Use screws to easily attach the Quad Pod to the top of the extension side of your ladder. With this ladder accessory, you can place the extended King Kombo into inside and outside corners, walls, poles and 2x4 studs, much like the attached rotating wall pad. It’s a convenient way to get closer to your work while also keeping your tools nearby.


Ladder Rack

Clear up space in your garage with the Little Giant Ladder Rack. The Ladder Rack easily screws into 16-on-center studs, cleaning up your workspace with ease.


Who Needs a King Kombo?

It’s simple- any professional tradesperson, DIYer or homeowner would love a King Kombo. It is an elite piece of climbing equipment that will keep you working at your best, no matter where the project takes you.


Are you ready to pick up the perfect gift? Check out the King Kombo here! Trust us; your present is going to be the best one on Christmas morning. 


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