DIY Safety

DIY Safety

How To Work Safer on Your Ladder This Summer

During the spring and summer months, DIYers find themselves working on their seasonal projects more than ever. Indoors or outdoors, these determined individuals keep busy, working hard to get stuff done. But with the bustle of spring cleaning, outdoor maintenance, landscaping, painting, etc., sometimes ladder safety isn’t at the forefront of those DIYers’ minds.

Today, we at Little Giant Ladders® are sharing our summer ladder safety tips. These are great reminders, whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior!

Move Your Ladder

Imagine that you are standing on your ladder, and something is just out of reach. If you lean, you could probably reach it. What do you do? While the natural inclination may be to overreach, this habit could lead to severe injuries. If something is out of reach, climb down to the ground and move your ladder to a position where you could safely reach that once out-of-reach object. It may seem tedious, but taking the extra minute to get closer to your work could save your life.

Ladder Size

Although it may look like there is room to stand on a higher rung of your ladder, that may not always be the case. It is essential to follow the directions and heed the warning labels on your ladder to stay safe. If you are working on a ladder that is too short, it is crucial to find one that is the appropriate size. One of the consequences of working on a shorter ladder is the temptation to stand on the top cap or a too-high rung, which increases the likelihood of the ladder tipping. 


Are you working outdoors? If so, you will likely encounter some uneven terrain, which can be incredibly hazardous. Minimize those hazards by using a ladder with an integrated leg leveler. The Leveler from Little Giant is an excellent example of this ladder type. If you find yourself working on an uneven surface, simply extend the ladder’s leg levelers until your ladder is even and safe to climb.

Seasonal Safety

Working outside in the heat comes with different challenges. In the winter, slick surfaces, snow, cold temperatures and icicles are cause for concern, but summer has a different set of elemental obstacles to work around. During the summer months, be conscious of hot rungs and rails, as well as fiberglass bloom. In addition to being mindful of your equipment, you should also listen to your body’s signals. Are you getting dehydrated or overheated? Experiencing dehydration and overexertion while working at the top of a ladder is dangerous and could lead to you falling from your ladder. 

Stay Safe

No matter who you are or what your project may be, remember to practice good ladder safety this spring and summer, so you can get home safely. 

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