DIY with Your Little Giant Ladder

Summer is the perfect time to get some of your DIY projects out of the way. Looking for some ways to use your Little Giant? We've got you covered. Washing Windows Washing windows may not seem like a DIY project, but reaching tall windows can be challenging. Homeowners with large windows often outsource the job. With your Little Giant Ladder, you can easily take care of both interior and exterior windows in your home. Patching Shingles Any time there are high winds, your roof is at risk of losing shingles. When you use your ladder in the extension position, you can safely reach your roof and secure the shingle into place. Painting Various models of ladders can help you with almost any painting project you have. The Flip-N-Lite, the Safety Step or Jumbo Step Drywall Your Little Giant can help you do any job with your drywall. You can mud, tape and hang the drywall. Use your ladder to work safely while doing the drywall work. Putting up a Swing Set When you have a large swing set to put together, your Little Giant can help you finish the job safely. Framing or Remodeling Your Home Got a room to frame or remodel? Your Little Giant is perfect to help you reach where you need to when framing a room. Recently, we got some pictures sent to us from a fan who used his Little Giant to frame a walk in closet.        

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