Christmas Gift Guide - The Leveler

Christmas Gift Guide - The Leveler

Leveler Gift Guide

A Gift for the Weekend Warrior

We all know someone who does it all in their home. This person is always working on a new project in their yard or the house. It’s the kind of person everyone in the neighborhood turns to when working on a task in their own home. If you know this person, you know they are a DIYer.


Just like the pros, DIYers and weekend warriors need top-of-the-line equipment to make sure they can get their tasks done as quickly as possible. After all, the sooner the project is done, the sooner they can sit down to appreciate their hard work. If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to get their hands dirty and do projects themselves, Little Giant Ladder Systems has got you covered!


For this holiday gift guide, we are skipping the drills, hammers and toolboxes. All DIYers have been gifted those things a thousand times. If you really want to give a standout gift, you need to give them a ladder. But not just any ladder. They probably have a ladder, and that ladder is probably old and worn out. What they need is a do-it-all ladder that keeps up with their versatile tasks.

 Leveler Extended

The Leveler™

The Leveler™ ladder from Little Giant Ladders is a super-versatile multi-position ladder. Set it up as an A-frame ladder, an extension ladder, a 90-degree ladder or a staircase ladder. The rails also can be separated to create trestle-and-plank scaffolding*. This is the kind of ladder that moves with you. Instead of needing four or five different ladders, the Leveler fits all of your ladder needs into one. This ladder truly is ideal for any homeowner who takes on in-home projects. With this ladder, nothing is out of reach anymore.


*Trestle brackets and plank not included

 Leg Leveler

Ratchet™ Leg Levelers

The feature that truly sets the Leveler apart from other multi-position ladders is the integrated Ratchet™ leg levelers. Allow me to set up a situation for you. Consider the last time you worked outdoors. Was the terrain perfectly level? Most homeowners have slants and hills on their property, making it dangerous to work on a ladder with that uneven terrain. The integrated Ratchet leg levelers allow you to adjust the ladder to meet the ground, rather than stacking items under an uneven leg. Each leg can extend and retract independently to ensure you have a perfectly level ladder to climb on. The leg levelers increase side-tip stability, providing a safer, more secure ladder to climb and work on.



Think of ladder accessories like an elevated, grown-up version of a stocking stuffer! No ladder gift is complete without some awesome ladder accessories. The Leveler ladder is compatible with many of Little Giant’s fan-favorite accessories, including the Cargo Hold, Work Platform, Ladder Rack, Project Tray, Plank and Trestle Brackets. All of these accessories increase the ladder’s functionality, giving you an even more versatile and useful workspace.


Where to Buy a Leveler Ladder

The Leveler is sold exclusively at Lowe’s and Learn more and find a Lowe’s location that sells the Leveler here. This will be a gift they will always remember!

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