Little Giant Ladder Systems® Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Conjunction with National Ladder Safety Month

Little Giant Ladder Systems® Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Conjunction with National Ladder Safety Month

Springville, Utah, March 1, 2022 – Throughout this year, Little Giant will celebrate a half century of designing, manufacturing and selling world-class climbing products. Additionally, Little Giant is pleased to announce its participation in the sixth annual National Ladder Safety Month. The company intends to use the month of March to both promote safe practices at height and announce a new 50th anniversary safety goal.


National Ladder Safety Month

For the last six years, March has marked the American Ladder Institute’s (ALI) National Ladder Safety Month. The purpose of the awareness-raising event is to promote safe ladder practices at home and at work through informative broadcasts, national dialogue and training resources. “Every step matters,” reads the ALI’s March 2022 homepage. “Without better safety planning, training, and continuous innovation in product design, we will continue to see far too many fatalities.”

As a member of the ALI board and a founder of the annual National Ladder Safety Month, Little Giant CEO Ryan Moss encourages participation in the event yearly: “We come to work every day to help people get home safely, so it’s a natural extension of our core mission to prevent injuries and save lives. Ladder Safety Month brings that awareness beyond our company borders, and we encourage all across the globe to embrace Ladder Safety Month and double down on their commitment to safety.”

Beyond the CEO’s endorsement, Little Giant’s marketing, broadcasting and sales teams come together every March to provide educational resources surrounding the various weekly safety themes. “Yearly OSHA-approved ladder training is a big deal in the industrial world. That’s why Little Giant provides free, certified training through our fully staffed, professional broadcasting studios,” says Dave Francis, Little Giant’s National Safety Director. “And it’s not just available during March. We do trainings all throughout the year.”

Those who follow Little Giant’s social presence can expect important and entertaining ladder safety information, including blogs, emails and video content for each week of March:


Little Giant’s New Safety Goal

As part of National Ladder Safety Month and Little Giant’s 50th anniversary, the company is announcing a bold new safety goal:


Reduce Ladder Injuries by 50% by 2035


“Ultimately, Ladder Safety Month is an opportunity to decrease ladder-related accidents through social discourse,” says Matt Frisbie, Little Giant’s CMO. “That has always been our goal—to prevent injuries and save lives through innovative design and quality training. But we wanted to use our 50th anniversary as an opportunity to specify and measure how Little Giant goes about making that goal a reality.”

Companies that have switched to Little Giant products have seen reductions in on-site ladder injuries of up to 30%, and the Little Giant team intends to see that number increase. “It’s a bold goal,“ says Brian Russel, Little Giant’s Director of Engineering and Innovations, “which is why our first steps are to compile additional information and insights on ladder accidents—why they happen, when they happen, and how they happen—so our messaging can be as informed as possible. We already have a lot of beta testing and user data that informs our design, and we want to make that listening-first attitude a standard in the industry.”

Little Giant calls on product designers, manufacturers, safety directors and other industry experts to aid the company in reducing ladder accidents via intuitive design and training.




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About Little Giant Ladder Systems: 

Little Giant Ladder Systems, the creator of the original multipurpose ladder, is the world leader in ladder safety and innovation, holding over 270 patents and patents pending on ladder function and design. The company was founded in Springville, Utah, in 1972. Since its humble trade show beginnings, Little Giant has expanded across the US and beyond, marketing and selling its climbing products in over 40 countries. Little Giant listens first: the voice of tradespeople, pros and other users inform every design choice behind the company’s industry-leading climbing solutions.


American Ladder Institute:

Founded in 1947, the American Ladder Institute (ALI) promotes the safe use of climbing products through development and dissemination of appropriate standards. This non-profit association is comprised of ladder and ladder component manufacturers from the US and Canada. Acting as the American National Standards Institute’s approved developer of ladder safety standards, the ALI board continues to educate the public on the proper selection, care and safe use of ladders. You can find their coverage of ladder safety month here. Additional information on the institute can be found here.


For more information contact: 

Dain Knudson, Public Relations and Ambassador Program Manager



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