Prevent Overreaching

Prevent Overreaching

Overreaching Leads to the Worst Falls

Overreaching happens. Although we wish it wouldn't be that way, we understand that the natural inclination is to reach a little further to get to your work. Honestly, in most cases, people usually choose to overreach, rather than get off the ladder and move it to a new position. While it may be a common occurrence on the job site or in the home, it is a dangerous habit.

Why is Overreaching Dangerous?

When working on a ladder, your body acts as the ladder's center of gravity. When you keep your body centered between the side rails of the ladder, the center of gravity is optimal.
Unfortunately, even a slight overreach can shift the center of gravity, leading to the ladder tipping. A situation like that increases the likelihood that you will fall from the ladder, especially if you are working on an extension ladder. A fall from a high place, as you would experience from an extension ladder, is the leading cause of ladder-related fatalities.

Solutions to the Issue

Start with proper ladder safety. Maintain three points of contact and stay centered on the ladder, keeping your belt buckle between the side rails of the ladder. If the task is still out of reach, climb down and reset the ladder. Furthermore, using a different size of climbing equipment can also be a smart move, as it can allow you to get closer to your work without sacrificing your stability.
The Little Giant SumoStance® is not only super lightweight but also has leveling outriggers that double the base footprint of the ladder, so the operator is unable to reach outside the ladder's base footprint. With such a wide footprint, the ladder becomes nearly impossible to tip.
It doesn't take a lot to tip some ladders over, so no matter where you are using your ladder, be mindful of your safety. Opt for a ladder with a wide base and always follow ladder safety protocols.
Want to learn more about ladder safety at Little Giant? Click here!

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